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Some of important projects executed in PRL are Design & Development of:

  1. Automatic Laser Beam Finder.

  2. Atmospheric and FiberOptic Laser or LED Transmitter-Receiver.

  3. Laser Scanner.

  4. Objects Thickness Metering Using laser beam.

  5. Optical Watt-meter.

  6. E.O. & M.O. Pockles,Kerr and Faraday Modulators.

  7. Optical Broadcasters.

  8. MiniRobots with optical tracking system.

  9. Robots with optical navigation system.

  10. Optical Short Range Finder,FPGA controlled.

  11. Laser Photo-Phone.

  12. 30 MHZ APD photo-receiver.

  13. Optical Isolators.


Also in the fields of Nonlinear Optics ,Optical Communications and Optical Image

Processing the following projects have been done successfully :

  1. Simulation and Modeling of S.R.S. , S.B.S. and F.W.M.scattering.

  2. Design and Development of Spatial Vanderlugt filters.

  3. Design and Development of a 10 meters Laser Rangefinder.

  4. Design and Development of a Hybrid Optical Processor.

  5. Developing Software Tools for Optical Devices Analysis

  6. OLEIC Layout Design.

  7. Design and Development on an Atmospheric optical link.

  8. Quantum Memories and E.I.T. studies.

  9. Coherent and Squeezed light states studies.

The current main research activities in PRL includes :

  1. Design and development of 4-laser-voice channels FPGA controlled.

  2. Design and development of a short range none line of sight optical link.

  3. DFB filter analysis and simulation.

  4. Design and development of KDP pockets modulator.

  5. Design and development of 3-chan. WDM optical transceiver.

From 1994 to 2004 in 10 years :Publcation of more than 30 international   journals and

conference papers,Many Radio and Television interviews and exhibition presentations

All of it have shown that PRL of Amirkabir university obtained great potential R&D in

Photonics Technology for today and future.